8 Ideal Wines to Accompany Mediterranean Cuisine Dishes

We recommend the perfect wines to pair with Fancy's dishes

Mediterranean cuisine is known worldwide for its wide variety of healthy and flavorful dishes. This delicious cuisine is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients, olive oil, aromatic herbs, and a balanced combination of flavors.

To fully enjoy these Mediterranean dishes, it is important to choose a suitable wine that complements their flavor and enhances the culinary experience. In this article, we will present recommendations and a selection of wines suitable for accompanying   different Mediterranean dishes.

Mediterranean Tapas and Wines that Enhance Their Flavors

Tapas are small portions of dishes perfect for sharing and tasting a variety of flavors in one meal. Some standout tapas include patatas bravas, croquettes, sardines, calamari, chicken wings, mussels, among others.

To accompany these intense and varied flavors, we recommend opting for a fresh and light white wine. Two great options for pairing a variety of tapas that we recommend in our restaurant are the white wines Marqués de Vizhoja (D.O. Rías Baixas) and Torres Viña Sol (D.O. Catalunya). Both are light and subtly aromatic, providing a fresh touch and complementing the flavors of the tapas without overpowering them.

Meat Dishes and 2 Reds to Accompany Them

Mediterranean cuisine offers a wide variety of meat dishes that include options of white and red meats, prepared with different cooking methods and seasonings to enhance their flavor. Some examples of standout meat dishes are meat grills, pork cheek, oven-baked lamb, pork tenderloin, and steak.

These dishes are tasty and juicy, benefiting from a full-bodied and structured red wine. At Fancy Restaurant, we recommend pairing meats with young red wines, which provide notes of red fruits. An example of this is the Marrec (D.O. Empordà) and Faustino Art Collection Crianza (D.O. Rioja), both excellent choices to accompany meat dishes.

Fish Dishes and 2 Classic White Wines

The Mediterranean coast is famous for its fresh fish and seafood dishes. To fully enjoy the flavors and quality of these sea products, it is advisable to choose those that are local, fresh, and of high quality; at Fancy, we make it easy for you by bringing to the table typical fish dishes of the Mediterranean diet.

Some standout main dishes include shrimp, sole, and hake, which are usually grilled. It is also a great option to enjoy assorted fish and seafood grills, offering a variety of pieces and allowing you to taste all the flavors of the sea. Seafood paella is also a typical Mediterranean dish that you cannot miss at our restaurant.

These dishes are a delight when accompanied by a white and refreshing wine, which enhances the delicate flavors of the fish and provides subtlety. Two very suitable wines for the flavors of the sea are Perelada Blanc Pescador (D.O. Empordà) and Finca Los Trenzones Verdejo (D.O. La Mancha). Both combine perfectly with all types of fish and seafood.

Vegetable Dishes with Fruity Wines

Mediterranean cuisine also features a wide variety of vegetable dishes suitable for vegetarians. We have a selection of salads and vegetarian options made with fresh garden products accompanied by different cheeses and dressings to suit all tastes, a fresh and light option for the summer season.

Creams and soups also stand out, such as mushroom or asparagus cream and onion soup. Another essential dish is the vegetarian paella, ideal for those who want to taste this traditional dish made with vegetables.

These dishes are full of subtle flavors and soft textures. To complement them, at Fancy Restaurant, we recommend opting for aromatic and fruity wines. Rosé wines are a great choice to accompany and enhance the flavor of vegetables. Two ideal wines to highlight the flavors of vegetables are Perelada Cresta Rosa (D.O. Empordà) and Torres de Casta (D.O. Catalunya), complementing them perfectly with their fruity notes.

Enjoy the Best Mediterranean Cuisine with the Right Wines at Fancy Restaurant

At Fancy Restaurant, we offer a wide selection of tapas, appetizers, and Mediterranean cuisine dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to ensure their flavor and quality. In addition, we have a carefully selected wine list, including those recommended in this article, which perfectly complement the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this gastronomic experience and enjoy Mediterranean dishes accompanied by the best wines!


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